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Now available in the Exmeda shop!

It is with great pleasure that I took the time to exhibit some Misty Fruits pairs in the Exmeda shop in Thionville center.
So you can look at them, touch them, choose the color of the leather, see the patterns ...
Also find many objects "handmade" by craftsmen Lorraine.
Joe will welcome you in a good mood 😉

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For the little stylish guys!

The holiday season is approaching, Misty Fruits has imagined a classy and stylish model for our little loves.
Sober and timeless model, our gentlemen can run freely with this new model soft leather slippers!
You find it on this page: "Little Gentleman" leather slippers

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To our creative customers 😉

What a pleasure to receive an email and detailed explanations of the expected model!
It is with passion and patience that we work in collaboration with our customers: choice of colors, atypical customizations, favorite characters ...
It is in our workshop that we put your ideas flat and carefully realize the slippers that you have imagined.


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A beautiful experience!

Thank you to the chamber of trades of Meurthe and Moselle for this beautiful experience and all these meetings of passionate craftsmen.
And a big thank you to Pascale, Jean Paul and their team who patiently accompany us in all our projects.

foire internationale de nancy

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New partnership "Baby Box Pom 'Reinette & Cie" Made In France

This is a mother who has been inspired by her children; Well, well, that reminds me of something ...
This is why after a few telephone conversations, the current is very quickly passed, working together has become obvious.
I am delighted to present this brand new partnership with "Pom 'Reinette & Cie", a "baby box" made of products created and manufactured exclusively in France. What a beautiful idea!

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The magic of Christmas

Preparing your Christmas templates!

This year, live the magic of Christmas from head to toe with a selection all in color.
For you, or to offer, everything is there to please. For children, adults, parents, grandparents 😉
In velvet leather, with the possibility of insoles for the softness of your feet, these models are made to measure, according to your tastes and your favorite colors!
Extra-flexible and comfortable, equipped with comfort elastics, they have been manufactured in France for 9 years, by hand in our Lorrain workshop.

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Moved and touched ...

Moved and touched by this photo and this little word, thank you Virginie ... (Small Heart Butter Association)
"We did receive the little slippers. They are beautiful and so sweet ... happiness.
Thank you very much for your good work and your kindness.
For the little story….
Arthur's slippers are a symbol ... because we are part of the PCDB association that helps people with heart defects and their families.
Arthur is a little heart too, operated open heart to 6 months.
His slippers will make him take his first steps ... considerable hope for all children with congenital heart disease.
Thanks again. See you soon. Virginia and Co. »

Emotion and touched by this photo, this little word, thank you Virginie ... (@assopetitcoeurdebutter). "We did receive the little slippers. They are beautiful and so sweet ... happiness. Thank you very much for your good work and your kindness. For the little story…. Arthur's slippers are a symbol ... because we are part of the PCDB association that helps people with heart defects and their families. Arthur is a little heart too, operated open heart to 6 months. His slippers will make him take his first steps ... considerable hope for all children with congenital heart disease. Thanks again. See you soon. Virginia and Co. " . . #meatfish #makefruits #madeinfrance #faitmain #creation #creation #handmade #artisan #fabric creations # slipperscuirsouple

A publication shared by Misty Fruits (@mistyfruits) on

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Made in Local!

Thank you to the team of the Chamber of Trades for this article:

Made in Local 
What activity is behind MISTY FRUITS?

a company based in a tiny village in the Pays-Haut with a French collection of soft leather slippers.

The craft work allows to propose models to measure of the infant to the big basketball player.

Quality, comfort, color, customization are the key words of Caty Cavallone the designer.

Misty Fruits soft leather baby booties comply with strict safety standards, the leather is certified by French and Italian tanners Reach certification (absence of toxic products, no azo dyes, PCP, chrome VI).

But where do you find this "made in Bréhain"? by appointment in his workshop or directly on his website:misty-fruits.com


Made in Local What activity is behind MISTY FRUITS - a company set up in a very small town ...

published by CMA 54 / Briey Antenna sure Friday, September 29, 2017

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Misty Fruits creation! Made in France

A nice article here: https://www.griffesvivienne.com/des-chaussons-pour-toute-la-famille-petits-et-grands/

The brand Misty Fruits is the top of the range of personalized leather slippers for young and old!

They are made in a small French workshop. What could be more inspiring for a passionate craftsman than to see his children wear their own creations!

His beginnings:

She touches the leather, observes and chooses the motifs, wonders about the ideal colors, finds original ideas ...
The story was born in the winter of 2007, when his first child was just a year old and began to trot with this pair of soft leather slippers straight from Canada.
Attracted by the practical and aesthetic side, she very quickly wished to buy him back.
Only a few cool models were offered in Canada, nothing (or very little) in France at that time, so the idea naturally came to her: search for leather, learning to assemble, creating patterns, filing the mark at the INPI, creation of an E-commerce site, communication ...

Misty Fruits:

The site www.misty-fruits.com was born one year after its creation.

Misty Fruits continues today to put on the whole family of soft leather slippers "Made in France".

This meticulous work is done in a traditional way (cutter, scissors, sewing machine ...) in the heart of Lorraine.
The exclusive use of velvet leather offers infants as well as great basketball players the chance to enjoy a second skin feeling.
Baby leather slippers, leather girl slippers, leather boy slippers, and even leather slippers for adults ...

These craft creations allow the feet to breathe and they have the advantage of making no noise when traveling!

With this local and artisanal work, Misty Fruits has the opportunity to create personalized models by making leather slippers with the name of the child accompanied by a pattern of choice!

Ideal for a gift of birth, this present will be in a few years in the trunk with memories of the first months of the child.


The delivery time of the slippers are about fifteen days, the time to carefully cut the velvet leather, customize the vamp and make your model.
Misty Fruits is open to all sorts of ideas and accompanies you in your creative research: if you have a very personal idea for a birthday, Father's Day or for your end-of-year gifts, do not hesitate to contact them. talk about !
Come discover their site: www.misty-fruits.com and dive into a colorful world!

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... under 48h!

Being (a little much) under water, the preparation time is unusually longer than usual.
The next shipping date for Misty Fruits leather slippers is October 21st.
In the meantime, several models already made in our workshop are available within 48 hours, click on the image to see the list and photos of models.

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The return is approaching!

For this season 2017-2018, all in rank two by two! we call in turn the little fairies, the brave pirates, the fabulous unicorns, the tractors of all kinds and the nice monsters ...
Our new children will run the school benches, and each motif in its place on www.misty-fruits.com!
Practical, cute, strong, sparkling and innovative, each of our slippers has its personality and style. And they intend well to celebrate, wisely and in color, their 9 years this year in our workshop in France with all their comrades!


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Good foot, good eye!

Back to school is approaching and the choice of a pair of slippers for school is needed?
Browse our site and discover our new motifs: a flamboyant unicorn, a terrible little monster, an elegant dancer, little sparkling stars ... come and discover them on this page. Your child will certainly have a crush on one of them!
We have the possibility to create unique and personalized slippers by dressing the leather of particular motives or with the first name of your child.
Practice for him (and his mistress) he will quickly recognize his pair of slippers.
Soft, flexible and soft; Misty Fruits leather slippers offer unique comfort.

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Misty Fruits (finally) on Instagram!

Misty Fruits is taking its first steps on Instagram!
On this occasion, we offer you a pair of slippers, size 15 to 49 to choose from www.misty-fruits.com

➡️ Subscribe to our account @mistyfruits
➡️ Comment on identifying friends to invite them to try their luck
➡️ Share this contest by mentioning @mistyfruits

The draw will take place on June 29, I will announce the winner in comment of this photo the next day.
Good luck to everyone !!!

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Baby Spirit Magazine

The magazine Esprit Bébé wanted to present one of our "flagship" models, custom soft leather slippers: raspberry-black model! A model that appeals to many children and also to their mom! Thank you to them and especially Laetitia Sabine for his kindness.


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We thank little Eugene who, thanks to his drawing (black felt) allowed us to create a very personalized model!
Septic at first, we thought it was impossible, and then ... by dint of tests and adjustments, we got there.
It is therefore with great pleasure that we present you with our first fully personalized baby bootie.


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MamansVIP / Misty Fruits Partnership

After a very nice exchange with Aïcha Lugrin, Misty Fruits joined his company: mamansvip.
We are delighted to offer our contest winner a pair of Misty Fruits slippers!
Congratulations to Sandra who chose this custom template, with two little fairies. The time for us to make them in the chosen size (T30-31), they will be delivered on June 20, 2017!
Hope you like Sandra slippers 😉

partenariat mamansvip #mistyfruits

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My ephemeral shop!

What a great experience ... coming out of his workshop and meet curious people, who touch the leather, question me, expose me their wish for a unique model, I love!

And then you ... my loyal customers for years who have traveled miles to meet me, thank you for these magical encounters.

chaussons-cuir-speed testing

Soft leather slippers - Misty Fruits


"For me, who sells everywhere in France on the internet, this ephemeral shop offers me a real plus: my virtual showcase becomes real, people can really see what I'm doing. ", Testifies Cathy Cavallone, who makes homemade velvet leather slippers - Républicain lorrain 03-12-2016

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Misty Mysterious ... appeared in the Republican Lorrain

An article that will lift (perhaps) the mysteries surrounding Misty Fruits ...

chaussons-cuir-Misty Mysterieux

boutique éphémère thionville

Contrary to what one might think, the ephemeral shop Misty Fruits, the Capucins shopping center in Thionville, does not sell fruit! When Caty Cavallone, a designer of soft leather slippers, is asked why she called her micro-business "Misty Fruits", she thinks, "Frankly, I do not know. It came to me like that! Maybe because my shoes are cheerful and colorful like fruits. Caty is a young mother of two. She works in a bank in Luxembourg. "When I had my first baby, I looked for slippers, now well ankle, with non-slip soles and comfortable, says the young woman, I had seen in Canada but I have not found one in France. So, I made it myself. "

From one thing to another, she did it for her friends. Word of mouth has worked and she creates her studio in 2009. "There is something for every taste and every size, babies, children and adults," says Caty, "I also work tailor-made and order for personalized slippers with name or special decoration. My slippers are entirely handmade in Lorraine. Since last summer, Misty Fruits has been based in Bréhain-la-Ville (Meurthe-et-Moselle) where we can meet the designer by appointment.

Misty Fruits will be at the Capucins, with its beautiful collection, every day, from 9 am to 19 pm, until December 11th. A nice idea for a Christmas or birth gift

Misty Fruits 16, the Bréhain Gardens 54190 Bréhain-la-Ville. Website: www.misty-fruits.com

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Republican Lorrain - Published December 2016

Thank you to the team of Republican Lorrain de Longwy who went to my studio for a detailed interview!

Presse, chaussons, Misty Fruits

republicain lorrain Caty Cavallone

republicain lorrain Caty Cavallone

republicain lorrain Caty Cavallone

His slippers look like him, playful and sparkling. Caty Cavallone started her small business eight years ago. And since then, the success of his pretty creations has not stopped. The 37-year-old, living in Bréhain-la-Ville, focused on quality, comfort and color. Thought initially for his children, and especially his daughter, his models were soon found takers. It must be said that eight years ago this type of slippers was not very common. Caty Cavallone had discovered it from Canada, hence her idea of ​​developing an offer " made in France ", with quality raw materials, as well as patterns and colors that he liked.

"It's like a second skin, with an elastic system that keeps the ankle. They accompany the movements, do not make noise. The feet breathe, we do not sweat inside. And, it is recommended by pediatricians, "says Lorraine.

The thirty-year-old travels to Paris to stock up on leather certified French or Italian, without azo dye and without chromium VI. She also finds colorful products more fun. And she stops on soft leather, soft (velvet), natural.

The raw material is not enough, it must be transformed. Caty does not work alone, a seamstress gives him a helping hand and her mother. It must be said that she cuts the leather of craft way, using a cutter. It takes about thirty minutes to make a pair.

A diversified range

The young woman has a lot of imagination and can also customize slippers on demand (a name, a drawing ...). A way to "stand out". These slippers are therefore very popular for births, even birthdays. For that, she simply adds iron-on patterns. The big ones can also orderCaty has, in fact, diversified its range by thinking of adults.

So far, the young entrepreneur has relied heavily on word-of-mouth to sell her creations. It works pretty well. It makes about a hundred pairs each month. "I have kept my clientele for eight years, I see children growing up. I also provided a Montessori nursery in Nancy, with custom slippers. I sell in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Once, I even had an order of 14 slippers for Switzerland. Or a lady from a warm country who ordered it for her children when they go out and trampoline, "says the young mother.

But to try to develop her communication, she recently redesigned her website and created a Facebook page. She will be present for some time in an ephemeral shop, in the courtyard of the Capuchins in Thionville.

www.misty-fruits.com ; contact@misty-fruits.com

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Let's go for the magic of Christmas!

What's more inspiring for a passionate craftsman than to prepare Christmas in joy and good humor!

I touch the leather, observe the chosen pattern, ask me about the ideal colors, find a nice idea ... in short I'm in my bubble, in my studio and I escape.

It is during this winter, when the cold begins to settle, that I settle near my fireplace and you present some pretty white flakes on your future leather slippers.

Discover our winter collection soft leather slippers baby, child and adults : polar bear, Santa, elves, flakes, fir ... just like these cute Christmas reindeer that will be perfect to accompany the first steps during this beautiful period of end of the year.

Our soft leather booties allow the feet of young and old to develop naturally and to build up as if they walked barefoot.

Soft leather baby shoes Misty Fruits comply with strict safety standards, the leather is certified by our French and Italian tanners: Reach certification : absence of toxic products, no azo dyes, PCP, chromium VI ...

We are also open to listen to all your ideas and we accompany you in your creative research: if you have a very personal idea for your end-of-year gifts, do not hesitate to tell us about it!


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Why soft leather slippers?


Look at your child when he crawls, walks, runs, jumps: his toes are twisted, his
foot grabs the surface and moves in all directions.
If he wears slippers or shoes with rigid soles, his sensitivities will be reduced
and will hinder his movements and his discoveries.

Most parents are sensitive to buying good pairs of shoes, they
do not hesitate to devote a budget for their well being.
Young children wear their slippers very often: at home, at nursery, at home
their grandparents, hence the interest of having them wear quality slippers, in their
which they will feel comfortable with.

The soft leather slippers allow all the sensations of a bare foot guaranteeing
comfort and safety, they allow the foot to "breathe" and stay dry.

It is essential that their feet and ankles are free, to allow them to
work their balance and strengthen the muscles of their arch.
The bones of the foot become flexible and their ankles stronger.

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