How to do ?

  1. Put the foot on a sheet and draw a line at the heel, and another at the end of the longest toe,
  2. Then measure between the two lines to know the length of your foot in support,
  3. Allow a space the width of a finger, ½ cm,
  4. Then refer to the list.

Hesitation on the shoe size?

A hesitation on the choice of size?

To be sure that the slippers are your size, do not hesitate to contact us for our advice: or make an appointment directly at the workshop.

Size / size match

Shoe sizeCut
the sole
- from 16On demand
16 to 1810.7 centimeters0-6 months
18 to 2012.3 cm6,12 months
20 to 2213.2 cm12-18 months
22 to 2314.3 cm18-24 months
24-2515.6 cm3 years
26-2717 cmFour years
28-2918.3 cm5 years
30-3119.6 cm6/7 years
32-3321 cm8/9 years
34-3522.3 cm
36-3723.6 cm
38-3925 cm
40-4126.3 cm
42-4327.6 cm
44-4529 cm
46-4730.3 cm
48-4931.6 cm
50 and +On demand