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Republican Lorrain & #8211; Publication December 2016

Thanks to the team of the Republican Lorrain de Longwy who went to my workshop for a detailed interview!

His slippers look like him, playful and sparkling. Caty Cavallone started her small business eight years ago. And since then, the success of his pretty creations has not stopped. The 37-year-old, living in Bréhain-la-Ville, focused on quality, comfort and color. Initially thought for his children, and especially his daughter, his models have quickly found takers. It must be said that eight years ago this type of slippers was not very common. Caty Cavallone had discovered it from Canada, hence her idea of developing an offer " made in France ", with quality raw materials, as well as patterns and colors that he liked.

"It's like a second skin, with an elastic system that keeps the ankle. They accompany the movements, do not make noise. Feet breathe, do not sweat in. And, it is recommended by pediatricians, "says Lorraine.

The thirty-year-old travels to Paris to stock up on leather certified French or Italian, without azo dye and without chromium VI. She also finds colorful products more fun. And she stops on soft leather, soft (velvet), natural.

The raw material is not enough, it must be transformed. Caty does not work alone, a seamstress gives him a helping hand and her mother. It must be said that she cuts the leather of craft way, using a cutter. It takes about thirty minutes to make a pair.

A diversified range

The young woman has a lot of imagination and can also customize slippers on demand (a name, a drawing ...). A way to "stand out". These slippers are therefore very popular for births, even birthdays. For this, she simply adds iron-on patterns. The big ones can also orderCaty has, in fact, diversified its range by thinking of adults.

So far, the young entrepreneur has relied heavily on word-of-mouth to sell her creations. It works pretty well. She makes about a hundred pairs each month. "I have kept my clientele for eight years, I see children growing up. I also provided a Montessori nursery in Nancy, with custom slippers. I sell in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Once, I even had an order of 14 slippers for Switzerland. Or a lady from a hot country who ordered it for her children when they go out and ride trampoline, "says the young mother.

But, to try to develop her communication, she recently redesigned her website and created a Facebook page. She will be present for some time in an ephemeral shop, in the courtyard of the Capuchins in Thionville.

December 2016 - Republican Lorrain

Let's go for the magic of Christmas!

What could be more inspiring for a passionate craftsman than to prepare Christmas in joy and good humor!

I touch the leather, observe the chosen pattern, ask me about the ideal colors, find a nice idea ... in short I'm in my bubble, in my studio and I escape.

It is during this winter, when the cold begins to settle, that I settle near my fireplace and you present some pretty white flakes on your future leather slippers.

Discover our winter collection Soft leather baby booties, child and adult : polar bear, Santa, elves, flakes, fir & #8230; just like these cute Christmas reindeer that will be perfect to accompany the first steps during this beautiful end of year period.

Our soft leather booties allow the feet of young and old to develop naturally and to build up as if they walked barefoot.

Soft leather baby shoes Misty Fruits comply with strict standards of safety, the leather is certified by our French and Italian tanners: Reach certification : absence of toxic products, no azo dyes, PCP, chromium VI ...

We are also open to listen to all your ideas and we accompany you in your creative research: if you have a very personal idea for your end-of-year gifts, do not hesitate to tell us about it!

Why soft leather slippers?

Watch your child as he crawls, walks, runs, jumps: his toes twist, his foot grabs the surface and moves in all directions.
If he wears slippers or shoes with rigid soles, his sensibilities will be reduced and will hinder his movements and his discoveries.

Most parents are sensitive to the purchase of good pairs of shoes, they do not hesitate to devote a budget for their well being.
Young children wear their slippers very often: at home, at nursery, at their grandparents' house, hence the interest of having them wear quality slippers, in which they will feel at ease.

The soft leather slippers allow all the sensations of a bare foot guaranteeing comfort and safety, they allow the foot to "breathe" and to remain always well dry.

It is essential that their feet and ankles are free, to allow them to work their balance and strengthen the muscles of their arch. The bones of the foot become flexible and their ankles stronger.