Image Misty Fruits chaussons cuir bébé

Artisanal creation and confection

Each pair is carefully crafted handmade in France (Lorraine).

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Image Misty Fruits chaussons cuir bébé

Why soft leather slippers?

My desire through the exclusive use of leather is to offer children that pleasant feeling of second skin.
Leather has the advantage of leaving breathe feet he protected changes in temperature, humidity and injuries.
Flexible, flexible and soft ; Misty Fruits leather slippers adapt to the shape and size of the child's foot.

Well being and comfort

Elastic ankle band Leather slippers slip easily and stay in place.
Non-slip leather soles : as a second protective skin that allows the child not to slip.
"Silent" insoles : children can run and jump, slippers will make no noise.
Soft leather : Misty Fruits slippers adapt to the shape and size of the foot. The advantage of leather: it keeps warm in winter and lets breathe feet in summer.
No perspiration : the leather lets breathe their little feet, ensuring freshness and comfort.
Right foot and left foot : the soles are cut so as to differentiate perfectly the right foot from the left foot.
Touch sensations : what is best after walking barefoot; all movements of the child are possible: the sole of the foot is well spread on the ground, the toes are not compressed.
Foot growth : the muscles of the foot and ankle strengthen, the plantar arch develops naturally.
Ideal gift : original, cute and useful, the Misty Fruits slippers are perfect for a birthday gift, a birthday, Christmas or for any other occasion.